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We care about the present by taking the responsibility to lead change and build a future that is in harmony with the environment.
Our Research and Development Department is in the vanguard of new solutions.
Our laboratories are equipped with the latest technology and procedures, in line with our mission to anticipate market demand with smart and sustainable solutions.
In response to the great variety of challenges in the world, and in adaptation with the diversity of life that is present nowadays, we try to build a safe future. Research and innovation lie at the heart of Dast’s strategy. Company research focuses on two pillars: progress and continuous improvement of its products. The processes and services are carried out with the spirit of sincerity and attention to the diverse needs of customers.
We care about the safety and satisfaction of everyone, making life easier, more convenient and more comfortable.
A scientific team, composed of experienced engineers, works continuously for the invention of these solutions.
The heart and origin of the Dast’s Products Development Process is the Central Laboratory in Durres, Albania, plus some other local research centers that are present worldwide. This structure ensures a stable quality of our products and also our maximum responsibility to the market’s needs.
We care about people by listening to what matters to them and taking their needs into consideration.
Our Customer Service operates with speed and commitment, viewing the need of the client from the perspective of the latter.
We care about people’s welfare. If they use our products or live in buildings where our products are used…
Our Production Technology is completely modern and manageable through an integrated electronic system.
Manufacturing, packaging and control are entirely automated functions and are controlled through a system of electronic sensors, TUV.
DAST believes in the added value of European Engineering Technology and Standards. This is the reason why our products dominate every market they reach. The M-tec technology, the EN technical standards, as well as the quality standards of TUV, help us provide the most valuable solutions at competitive costs. We do not pay for mistakes because our technology is entirely automated and is designed to strictly implement EN technical standards, therefore it never mistakes.