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Rubi CSV SUPERPRO Diamond Blade

£13.53 Ex VAT
£16.23 INC VAT

CSV continuous rim diamond blades by RUBI are the best choice for dry cutting, with a grinder, for all types of ceramic tiles. CSV diamond blades adapt better than any other blades to those situations where the professional ceramic tile fixer needs to work with ceramic tiles of various types.

Using a general cutting diamond blade, such as the CSV, reduces downtime caused by the need to change blades every time we change material. In the same way, we get cutting quality and optimum performance in the whole range of materials that can be cut.

The combination between the diamond grain and the alloy that makes up the bond makes CSV diamond blades by RUBI perfect for the general cutting of ceramic tiles like glazed or porcelain tiles.

The CSV diamond blade by RUBI is a continuous-rim blade. This type of diamond blade gives the professional ceramic tile fixer the possibility of obtaining high-quality finishes.

The design of the CSV diamond blades by RUBI makes them ideal for cutting all types of ceramic tiles and other stone materials with thicknesses of less than 25 mm.

By means of laser welding, we have made the joint between the diamond rim and the steel core of the RUBI CONTINUOUS - CSV blade a guarantee of quality and safety for the user.

SUPERPRO blades are the best choice for the most demanding jobs.



Center Bore: 22.2mm.
Disc Segment Height: 8mm.
Max RPM:
- 115mm: 13300rpm.
- 125mm: 12250rpm.