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Rubi Drygres Premium Diamond Drill Bit 68mm

£87.92 Ex VAT
£105.50 INC VAT


The DRYGRES PREMIUM range of diamond drill bits is perfect for drilling all types of tiles, especially porcelain stoneware, and other covering materials such as marble and granite.

RUBI has used the VACUUM BRAZED technology of vacuum brazing, in the DRYGRES PREMIUM range of drill bits, which increases resistance to temperature and friction, to fix the diamond particles to the cutting area.

DRYGRES PREMIUM bits, with diameters Ø 6 to 12 mm, are perfect for fixing bathroom accessories or any type of decoration accessory on tiled surfaces. The rest of the diameters of the range of DRYGRES PREMIUM diamond drill bits, from Ø 20 to 85 mm, have been designed mainly so that the tile fixer can obtain the best results when making the necessary drilling for sockets, pipes, drains, lights, etc.

DRYGRES PREMIUM diamond drill bits are dry cut and can be used, thanks to their M14 threaded connection, directly with a grinder or with an electric drill without a hammer, by using the drill adapter (ref. 05976).

The average life of DRYGRES PREMIUM drill bits varies according to the diameter: in those from Ø 6 to 12 mm the average life is 60 holes and in DRYGRES from Ø 20 to 85 mm the average life is 150 holes.

The average life of the drill bits ALWAYS depends on the type of material, its thickness and correct cooling and use.

The drilling depth of DRYGRES PREMIUM drill bits is 30 mm for drill bits from Ø 6 to 35 mm and 38 mm for drill bits from Ø 43 to 85 mm.

In the diameters Ø 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm, the PREMIUM DRYGRES contain wax inside. This wax melts during the use of the bit and facilitates the cooling and evacuation of the drilling debris (If the wax runs out, the bit can continue working. Only the total loss of the diamond indicates the end of the life of the bit).

The DRYGRES PREMIUM drill bits (diameters Ø 20 to 85 mm) have a lateral opening that improves the cooling of the drill and makes it easier for us to eliminate solid waste after each hole. Before drilling a new hole, we must ensure that the drill is clean and free of any obstruction. Drills from Ø 43 mm are segmented to improve stability during drilling.

The maximum speed of use for DRYGRES PREMIUM diamond drill bits is 14000 rpm

For a better finish and longer life of the bit, it is important to respect the correct turning speed and make a slight orbital movement throughout the drilling.