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Rubi EMG Electroplated Marble Diamond Blade 230mm - 30997

£65.49 Ex VAT
£78.59 INC VAT

Size: 230mm - 30997

EMG diamond blades by RUBI are segmented blades, but with a very specific feature, they are ELECTROPLATED.

Unlike other diamond blades in the RUBI range, EMG diamond blades have no bond or segments welded to the core of the blade. On this blade, RUBI has opted for electroplating. By electroplating, the diamond grain is directly attached to the body of the blade.

The RUBI EMG electroplated diamond blade offers high durability, provided that you respect the range of materials for which it is recommended. We should bear in mind that in electroplated diamond blades the diamond grain does not have the protection of the bond or binder so, in misuse, the diamond particle can suffer damage affecting the life of the blade.

Electroplated diamond blades are recommended for cutting marble, limestone, fibres or other synthetic materials such as methacrylate or PVC.

Overall, this is the blade that all building professionals need for cutting materials that pose a high risk of fracture, especially marble and fibreglass. Using electroplated diamond blades, such as the RUBI EMG, reduces vibrations during dry cutting with a grinder.

Please Note: May not be suitable for 20mm porcelain.