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Rubi M-100-L Hex Adhesive Whisk 24957

£9.99 Ex VAT
£11.99 INC VAT

The mixing blades on the head of this paddle are flat. This increases the capacity of the head and therefore allows the user to increase the mixing capacity of the paddle.

The mixer paddle has a hexagonal adaptable finish which can be adapted to all RUBIMIX models by using the chuck accessory (Ref. 71967) or a traditional electric drill.

The mixer paddles for cementitious mortars have a head designed to perform a movement from the bottom up. With mortar mixer paddles, the material rises, at a low speed, up the inside of the paddle head and then come back down the outside.

This action produces a highly viscous homogeneous mixing of materials such as mortars, cements and especially improved cementitious adhesives (type C2) for ceramic tiles. This head design allows the user to work with less effort and greater mobility.