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Rubi SPT Premium J-Slot Diamond Blades For 20mm Porcelain 350mm x 25.4mm - 32936

£313.25 Ex VAT
£375.90 INC VAT

Size: 350mm x 25.4mm - 32936

The SPT PREMIUM range of diamond blades has been designed for cutting porcelain stoneware tiles with thicknesses of 20mm.

Being a segmented disc with a narrow notch and wet cut, RUBI SPT PREMIUM discs can work with thicknesses of up to 35mm and materials as varied as natural stone or sintered stone.

Unlike other discs, RUBI's SPT PREMIUM, present a special alloy that, together with the aforementioned narrow notch design, ensures an extra-long life, avoiding the crystallization of the diamond when working with such large thicknesses and offers a high cutting speed.

The diamond band is formed by sintering and is joined to the steel core by laser welding, the most resistant on the market.


Size: 250mm
- Max Rpm: 6150rpm.
- Disc Segment Height: 10mm.
- Disc Thickness: 2.2mm.

Size: 300mm
- Max Rpm: 5100rpm.
- Disc Segment Height: 10mm.
- Disc Thickness: 2.4mm.

Size: 350mm 
- Max Rpm: 4400rpm.
- Disc Segment Height: 10mm.
- Disc Thickness: 2.4mm.