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Rubi TPI SUPERPRO Turbo Miter WET CUT Diamond Blade

£44.16 Ex VAT
£52.99 INC VAT

The range of TPI diamond blades has been exclusively designed for the mitring of porcelain stoneware tiles. The main characteristics of the TPI diamond blade are its great stability and cutting speed.

Thanks to its 2.5 mm thickness, the TPI diamond blade can perform mitring without using the special flange set, but if the user seeks maximum precision, the flanges are always an excellent complement.

For the TPI range, we have opted for the TURBO typology, to obtain the maximum rigidity possible in the shape of the discs. When cutting, in order to achieve a perfect finish, the original edge of the tile must be respected, leaving a small margin of between 1 and 2 mm. In this way, there is no damage to the glaze.

The union between the diamond band and the steel core of the TPI diamond blades is carried out by laser welding, which is the most resistant and safe of all.

To obtain the maximum performance of the TPI diamond blades, it is very important to use the cleaning blocks periodically. These accessories should always be used when using the disc for the first time or after prolonged storage, or whenever the material is changed or we notice that the cutting speed is reduced. The correct way to use the blocks is to make cuts of small "slices" in the block.



Size: 200mm
- Max Rpm: 7650rpm.
- Disc Segment Height: 8mm.
- Disc Thickness: 2.5mm.

Size: 230mm
- Max Rpm: 6650rpm.
- Disc Segment Height: 8mm.
- Disc Thickness: 2.5mm.

Size: 250mm
- Max Rpm: 6150rpm.
- Disc Segment Height: 8mm.
- Disc Thickness: 2.5mm.