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TB 400 DeutschColor Adhesive for Thermal Insualtion Panels

£12.49 Ex VAT
£14.99 INC VAT

Prepared, grey and white cement-based mortar,
composed from Protland Cement with excellent
qualities, carbonate stone filler with selected
granulometry, synthetic resins and special additives,
which improve the workability, adhesion and increase
the hydrophobicity of the dry mortar.



Recommendations for use
TB 400 serves for the adhesion of all types of panels that are generally
used for the realization of thermal insulation systems, such as: styrofoam,
graphite, mineral fibers panels in brick walls, concrete or cement-based
Surface preparation
The supports must be compact, seasoned and steady, without cracks, oils,
paints or detachable parts. Check to see if the bricks are securely attached
and do not have parts that can detach. If there are such parts, remove
them and repair surface with mortar. Walls that are coated with grout must
be scraped in order to verify if the surface under it, was painted with old
and badly attached paints, or if there are detachable parts. Powdered
surfaces should be treated with MEGAGRUND Liquid primer. Superficial
cracks can be caulked with TB 400, while deep structural cracks should be
treated in a way to eliminate the causes and the possibility of repetition.
If the surface is not flat or straight, it should be flattened or made straight

Consumption: 4- 5 Kg/m2

Packaging: 25 Kg bags