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Waterproof Floor Matting

£44.74 Ex VAT
£53.69 INC VAT
SKU 5060135371753
  • Model Number: HPXF5UK
  • Depth: 1mm
  • Length: 5m

Homelux Waterproof Matting gives a 100% guaranteed seal*, protecting your property against intrusive water and moisture.

  • Ensures complete watertight protection, preventing the migration of vapour from the tile surface to the substrate
  • Prevents costly damage to your frames, building joints and plasterboard caused by leaks
  • Prevents unsightly damp patches on the ceiling in the room below

Further benefits of Homelux Waterproof Matting include...

  • Quick and easy to apply
  • No waiting or drying time - install tiles immediately if desired
  • Install with Homelux Joint Tape, Corners and Pipe Collars to ensure a complete seal
  • Uniform thickness of 0.85mm with no weak points, so minimal building up of the floor level
  • Floor matting features a decoupling layer, to prevent tiles from cracking and allow for movement
  • 10 year guarentee*

*when fitted in accordance with Homelux instructions, using Homelux accessories

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