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£340.00 Ex VAT
£408.00 INC VAT
SKU 84669196

45 Degree Assembly for Mitre Cuts with Diamond Blade

NOTE:  ASSEMBLY ONLY – grinder is not included, but includes a diamond blade.

  • Device to perform 45° bevel cut to a high-quality finish directly on construction site (actual mitre angle: 47°).
  • Works leaning and sliding on the edge of the tile (or slab). This guarantees a fast and precise work execution and allows to work without any limit on length.
  • The anti-scratch plastic slides ensure optimal smoothness on the slab/tile.
  • Maximum slab/tile thickness: 16 mm (0.63”) with Ø115 mm (4 1/2”) blade; 20 mm (0.79”) with Ø125 mm (5”) blade.
  • The two handles easily allow the necessary pressure during the entire length of the bevel cut (entrance, slab side, exit). This will guarantee both optimal results and maximum ergonomics.
  • Cutting depth adjustment: adjust the dedicated knobs to determine the amount of material to be removed (further or closer to tile glaze). Once the adjustment is set, it stays true for any tiles/slabs thicknesses.
  • Blade tilt adjustment: tilt the blade to prevent its rear from chipping the edge of tiles/slabs.
  • Suitable with almost all angle grinders with power between 600-1100W.
  • Available for grinders with M14 arbor attachment (art. 433BCOH EU) and for angle grinders with 5/8 ‘’ – 11 arbor attachment.
  • Dry use (standard version) or wet use (to perform wet cut in combination with kit for wet cut and dust suppression.  A Power Raizor must be equipped with a cordless/battery-operated angle grinder or corded model with an IP54 rating or higher.