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Kerakoll BioGel Revolution Rapid Set Tile Adhesive

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SKU 5056229701148
Color: 20KG - WHITE


Kerakoll BioGel Revolution Rapid Set Tile Adhesive is a multi-purpose, flexible, structural gel adhesive. It features longer workability with accelerated adhesion for bonding all types of materials, on any substrate, for any use, even in extreme conditions. Sets in 3 hours, ready for grouting.

Kerakoll BioGel Revolution Rapid Set is available in grey or white, in 20kg bags. Pallet rates are also available.

Kerakoll BioGel Revolution Rapid Set Tile Adhesive is the rapid setting version of the highly popular Kerakoll BioGel No Limits Tile Adhesive.

Kerakoll BioGel Revolution Rapid Set is water and frost resistant, and suitable for areas that may be subjected to movement and/or vibration.

Kerakoll BioGel Revolution Rapid Set Tile Adhesive also features a thixotropic and fluid consistency whilst retaining a long open time and excellent shape memory. It performs equally well in both high and low thicknesses, and does not suffer from shrinkage. Kerakoll BioGel Revolution Rapid Set also has excellent non-slip properties as well as being able to fully wet the back of tiles when laying.

Kerakoll BioGel Revolution is suitable for the following substrates, materials and applications:


Existing Tiles
Waterproofing Products
Heating Systems
Cement-Based Screeds
Fibro-Cement Slabs
Gypsum And Anhydrite Cellular Concrete
Lime And Cement-Based
Thermal Insulation Panelling Systems
Insulating Panels
Impact Noise Insulation
Porcelain Tiles
Laminated Stoneware
Low Thickness Slabs
Ceramic Tiles
Large Formats 300×150 Cm Slabs
Marble – Natural Stone
Recomposed Materials
Glass Mosaics
Glass Tiles
Thermal And Acoustic Insulation
Terracotta – Klinker
Adhesive And Finishing
Floors And Walls
For Internal Use – External Overlaying
Terraces And Balconies
Swimming Pools And Fountains
Saunas And Spa
Street Furniture


Kerakoll BioGel Revolution Rapid Set is eco-friendly – it is formulated with locally-sourced minerals meaning lower greenhouse gas emission during transportation, contains recycled minerals thereby reducing the damage to the environment caused by extracting pure raw materials, and it is single-component; avoiding the use of plastic cans reduces CO2 emissions and the need to dispose of special waste.

Preparation & Use:

All substrates must be level, cured, undamaged, compact, rigid, resistant, dry and free from any debonding agents and from damp rising. It is good practice to dampen highly absorbent concrete substrates or apply a coat of Kerakoll Primer A Eco.

Mixing water (EN 1348)
Grey ≈ 23% – 25% by weight

Mixing water on-site
For low thickness laying and full wettability:
Grey ≈ 6.2 ℓ / 1 bag

on walls, for high and low thickness laying:
Grey ≈ 5 ℓ / 1 bag

The amount of water to be added, indicated on the packaging, is an approximate guide. It is possible to obtain mixtures of Kerakoll BioGel Revolution with consistency of variable thixotropy according to the application to be made.

To guarantee structural adhesion it is necessary to apply a layer of Kerakoll BioGel Revolution adhesive sufficient to cover the entire back of the coating material. Large, rectangular sizes with sides > 60 cm and low thickness sheets may require adhesive to be applied directly to the back of the material. Check samples to make sure the adhesive has been transferred to the back of the material.

Create elastic expansion joints:
– ≈ 10 m2 in external applications,
– ≈ 40 m2 in internal applications,
– every 8 metres in long, narrow applications.

Respect all structural, fractionizing and perimeter joints present in the substrates.

Technical Data:
Pack size: 25 kg
Shelf life: ≈ 12 months in the original packaging. Protect from humidity
Adhesive thickness: from 2 to 15 mm
Coverage per mm thickness: Grey (mixing ratio. 25%) ≈ 1.25 kg/m2
Temperature of the air, substrates and materials: from +5 °C to +35 °C
Pot life at +23 °C: Grey ≈ 1 hr
Open time at +23 °C (BIII tile): Grey ≥ 45 min. EN 1346
Open time at +35 °C (BIII tile): Grey ≥ 15 min. EN 1346
Correction time (BIII tile): +23 °C ≥ 6 min. +35 °C ≥ 5 min.
Time required until fully frost-proof (Bla tile) from +5 °C to -5 °C: ≈ 3 hrs
Foot traffic/grouting of joints at +23 °C (Bla tile): Grey ≈ 3 hrs
Foot traffic/grouting of joints at +5 °C (Bla tile): Grey ≈ 8 hrs
Grouting in walls at +23 °C (BIa tile): Grey ≈ 2 hrs
Ready for use at +23 °C / +5 °C (BIa tile): – heavy traffic ≈ 24 – 28 hrs – swimming pools (+23 °C) ≈ 7 days