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Mapei Ultracare HD Cleaner

£12.92 Ex VAT
£15.50 INC VAT

UltraCare HD Cleaner is a concentrated detergent. Its special formula guarantees high-performance cleaning respecting the surfaces on which it is used. It is suitable for use on many different materials and can be used in different dilutions depending on the task to be carried out.

Features & Benefits:
It is an excellent product to clean particularly dirty surfaces such as:
· porcelain, ceramic, glass, unpolished natural stone, concrete, terracotta and terrazzo.

When used undiluted it removes stains from porcelain tiles & removes the pre-treatment from porcelain tiles. Thanks to its effective cleaning and degreasing action, it is ideal for the preparation of existing ceramic and stone material before installing “tile on tile”, with a cementitious adhesive or before applying a cementitious levelling compound to ensure full adhesion and to avoid detachments. When used for this purpose, it needs to be rinsed with plenty of water afterwards.

It is ideal for the restoration of surfaces, including the removal of previous water-based and metallic wax treatments.


Consistency: Liquid.
Colour: Opalescent.
Density: 1.10 g/cm³.
pH: 11.
Recommended Application Temperature Range: 0°C to +40°C.
Waiting Time Before Rinsing: 5 minutes.
Storage & Shelf Life: UltraCare HD Cleaner stored in the original packaging has a storage time of 24 months