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Mapei UltraCare Multicleaner Spray

£10.50 Ex VAT
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Mapei UltraCare Multicleaner Spray is a ready-to-use spray detergent. Its special formula guarantees a high cleanliness respecting the surfaces on which it is used. It is also characterized by a pleasant scent. It comes in 750ml bottles.

Mapei UltraCare Multicleaner Spray does not need to be diluted as it is ready to use and represents the ideal solution for daily cleaning of natural stone, ceramic and quartz and marble agglomerate worktops, shower enclosures, walls dressed with glass mosaic or ceramic tiles, glass and mirrors. Mapei UltraCare Multicleaner Spray does not require rinsing as it leaves no residue and/or halos on the surface and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Mapei UltraCare Multicleaner Spray cleans effectively and non-aggressively:
• ceramic and porcelain tiling;
• all stone material;
• plastic laminates;
• LVT, linoleum, rubber and PVC;
• glass, mirrors and mosaics;
• quartz and marble agglomerates;
• metal profiles and surfaces.

• Never use UltraCare Multicleaner Spray on waxed surfaces. In case of doubt, carry out a preliminary test in an inconspicuous area.
• Use UltraCare Multicleaner Spray with rubber gloves.
• UltraCare Multicleaner Spray does not damage metal or galvanized surfaces; however, given the variety of materials available on the market, a preliminary test is always recommended.
• Do not apply UltraCare Multicleaner Spray on hot surfaces.

Application Procedure:
Spray UltraCare Multicleaner Spray onto the surface to be cleaned from a distance of 30 cm and then clean with a dry cloth respecting the surfaces to be treated. Keep the bottle upright.

A 750 ml bottle allows you to clean a surface equal to approximately 30 m². Consumption may vary based on the degree and type of dirt and the surface to be treated.

Technical Data:
Consistency: liquid
Colour: transparent
Density: 1.00 g/cm³
pH: 10
Recommended application temperature range: 0°C to +40°C
Waiting time before rinsing: 5 minutes