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    Decor Orobico Black Shine. The Book Match technique is a type of processing where the veins of the marble create a pattern.  Usually a two mirror image set side by side on the same wall or floor like pages of an open book. This wonderful design is amazing in both modern and traditional styles. The Deco Orobico Black B tile can be book matched or, put together to make a continuous pattern. 
    The Orobico rang consists of 2 unique coloured designs, Black Shine and the Aqua Shine. The Decor Orobico Black B Shine is a rectangular shaped tile. This porcelain tile has ashine/polished finish with black and gold colouring. This tile exceeds it's natural beauty in mostly large areas. The Orobico Black Shine B creates a striking and unique focal point. 
    To achieve the book-matched effect, both Black A Shine and Black B Shine must be purchased.
    • Made In Spain 
    • Colour Black & Gold 
    • Size 60X120 cm
    • Polished Finish 
    • Porcelain 
    • Wall Tile
    • Floor Tile 
    • Box Quantity 2 pcs