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Rubi ECD Electroplated Cutting and Grinding Diamond Blade 125mm - 31965

£49.99 Ex VAT
£59.99 INC VAT

Size: 125mm - 31965

The versatility of the RUBI products is for many of us one of the most outstanding characteristics: the ECD diamond blade for cutting and grinding is, in reality, 2 blades in 1.

The ECD diamond blades for cutting and grinding allow us to work with natural stone, all types of ceramic tile and synthetic materials. Combining the quality of cutting a continuous rim blade and the speed and smoothness in the grinding of an electroplated blade.

In addition, the ECD blade has diamonds on both sides, which allows us to: make cuts at a higher speed and be able to take full advantage of the blade in roughing jobs since we can turn the blade over when the outer side has reached its end.

The ECD cutting and grinding diamond blade is perfect for adjusting or grinding cuts and, with the same tool, defining the finished edges. In this way, RUBI puts at the disposal of specialized professionals, not only, a versatile and effective tool in their day-to-day work, but also allows them to obtain better performance and make their work profitable.

Diamond cutting and grinding blades allow us to cover precisely that need for versatility. Offering in a single product both the cutting function of all types of ceramic materials and natural stones, as well as being able to perform roughing or edge definition works.

The use of electroplated diamond blades, such as the RUBI ECD, reduces the generation of vibrations during dry cutting with a grinder. Which makes it an excellent choice to work with all those materials with a high risk of breakage.



Size: 115mm
- Max Rpm: 1330rpm.
- Disc Segment Height: 5.6mm.
- Disc Thickness: 1.8mm.

Size: 125mm
- Max Rpm: 12250rpm.
- Disc Segment Height: 5.6mm.
- Disc Thickness: 1.8mm.