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Rubi Heavy Duty Flexible Bucket 88772

£8.33 Ex VAT
£9.99 INC VAT

The RUBI “LIGHTBUCK" plastic bucket model 2 is specially designed for transporting liquids. Although owing to its excellent abrasion and impact resistance, as it is flexible, and especially its 22-litre maximum capacity it is very useful for rubble management, both on building sites and renovation works. It is ideal for manual loading and feeding into rubble chute columns.

It has a heavy-duty metal handle made of galvanized steel, to reduce damage by oxidation, and features an ergonomic plastic handle which provides greater comfort and facilitates handling the bucket when it is fully loaded. We would also like to highlight that the handle fastening is from outside to inside to avoid “hooking” on to the user, thus minimising the risk of injury.

Construction professionals especially value how easy the "LIGHTBUCK" plastic bucket is to handle, and the guarantee of having a quality product and better control of the used volume.

Another highly valued aspect is the great versatility of uses that they have.

The high-density polyethene used in its manufacture makes the "LIGHTBUCK" highly robust, this is why it is suitable for all kinds of jobs, either in the construction industry or other sectors.

They are stackable, which makes them easy to transport and users can save space in storage.

RUBI "LIGHTBUCK" plastic buckets are an outstanding option due to their competitive price and lightweight.

The whole RUBI-KANGURO “LIGHTBUCK" rubber bucket consists of models that combine various features, such as spouts, inner scales, assorted handles, with excellent load-bearing capacity and, in some models, plastic handles.


- Material: Polyethylene

- Capacity: 22 Litre

- Dimensions: 

   ~ Height: 27cm
   ~ Diameter: 37cm

- Bucket Weight (Empty): 1kg