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Rubi TLG Superpro Blade 115mm

£49.16 Ex VAT
£58.99 INC VAT


RUBI's TURBO diamond disc, TLG SUPERPRO, is ideal for dry cutting 20 mm thick porcelain stoneware. It is also recommended for cutting ceramics, natural stone and sintered stone, as well as other materials with a special focus on landscaping.

The TLG SUPERPRO disc is suitable for use on grinders*.

The TURBO type of the TLG SUPERPRO diamond blade combines high performance with high cutting speed and excellent finish, especially as it is a dry cutting blade for materials up to 20 mm thick.

Thanks to the composition of the diamond powder metal matrix, the diamond quality itself and the robust sintering process of the diamond with the steel core, a longer service life and a faster cutting speed are achieved.

The steel core of the TURBO TLG SUPERPRO diamond blade incorporates a series of perforations to improve the cooling of the blade and specially distributed grooves to minimise vibrations and the noise level generated during cutting, while at the same time reducing the stresses produced by the cutting itself.

Taking into account the particularities of each type of disc (continuous, turbo, etc.) and the materials for which it has been designed, RUBI offers the professional three qualities of discs: PRO, SUPERPRO and PREMIUM.

The PRO discs offer the professional user the best price/performance ratio.

SUPERPRO discs highlight the most important feature of each disc. They are the right choice for the most demanding jobs.

PREMIUM discs are the most specialised option. Always offering the best results.

RUBI is committed to quality. All our products and tools are subjected to rigorous quality tests by experienced professionals. We want all the products we have on the market to be recognised for their quality and durability. This desire has made our brand one of the most highly valued when it comes to providing quality solutions for the ceramic tile installation and construction professional.

* It is not recommended to use the TLG SUPERPRO disc on circular saws (e.g. TC-125).