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Rubi TX-1020 MAX Tile Cutter

£404.99 Ex VAT
£485.99 INC VAT
The TX-MAX range of professional manual cutters are perfect for INTENSIVE cutting of all types of ceramic tiles. Thanks to its high-performance MULTIPOINT separator and its rotating square system, the TX-MAX models allow quick and easy execution of angular cuts (from 0º to 45º), especially in porcelain stoneware tiles (AIa/BIa). Its great separation power (up to 1,200 kg) allows the TX-MAX cutters to perform excellently with extruded stoneware.

The 30 mm diameter tubular steel guides and the head with extra-long aluminium sliders provide impressive structural strength, making the most of the models with the highest cutting capacity.

The advanced position of the scoring wheel increases visibility during scoring and separation, and the hold-down incorporates a removable protector that allows working on the most delicate surfaces without the risk of leaving marks.

The spreader mechanism allows for one-handed use, making it easy to lock and unlock the hold-down using a pawl and ratchet system. This system increases work performance, both in thin materials and in thicker ones (from 3 to 21 mm without the protector, and up to 19 with the anti-mark protector that includes the hold-down).

As a complement to the floating table system, the 1020 model is equipped with two supplementary side arms to increase the support surface with large format tiles.

All models in the TX-MAX range include a side stop for measuring and blocking repetitive narrow cuts and strips, as well as two scoring wheels (8 mm and 22 mm EXTREME) and the traditional carrying case.

The TX-MAX manual cutters are compatible with the entire range of RUBI PLUS scoring wheels.

Please Note: Cutting tiles thicker than 15mm isn't always possible using a manual cutter. For tiles thicker than 15mm a wet saw should be considered.


1,200kg Separation Power

Cutting Length: 1020mm

Diagonal Cutting Length: 700mm

Max Cutting Thickness: 21mm

Included Carry Case