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Sigma 8LG Combiflex Wet & Dry 115/125mm Table Saw 121cm

£720.83 Ex VAT
£865.00 INC VAT
SKU 8033675805474


Does not come supplied with the angle grinder or water kit.

Comes with 75D 125mm diamond blade which is suitable for use on tiles of thicknesses up to 30mm.

Length of cut 1210mm

Diagonal length of cut 860mm

Sigma COMBIFLEX is the practical handheld saw that allows the cutting of tiles up to 30mm thick.

Can be used both dry or wet.

Thanks to its light but sturdy aluminium structure it is easily transportable even in the tightest of spaces.

The lightest portable saw on the market at only 21kg.

The trolly unit slides with 3 double row ball bearings on an aluminium sliding rail with stainless steel tracks that are extremely durable over time.

This will take any 1400W 115mm or 125mm angle grinder thanks to its universal attachment.

The COMBIFLEX is designed for dust extraction especially when dry cutting.

WaterKit 87E4 is available separately which allows accurate and fast water cutting without spreading dust.


DELIVERY £ 10.00