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Ultrasteel Direct 210 l AUD210ERP — 210 Litres

$668.33 Ex VAT
$802.00 INC VAT


Ultrasteel Direct unvented hot water cylinder designed to heat water using electricity via the two 3kW immersion heaters - smart immersion heater fitted as the primary heat source with secondary immersion suitable for use in conjunction with off-peak/low tariff. Manufactured from high grade Duplex stainless steel, this direct hot water storage cylinder is perfect for use in all electric buildings or properties with no access to gas grid and provides hot water in a quick and reliable way.

  • Two factory-fitted high quality 3kW immersion heaters

  • Ideal for all electric buildings and properties with no access to gas grid

  • Dedicated secondary return connection

  • Manufactured from Duplex stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance

  • 50mm of high performance environmentally-friendly insulation (nominal thickness)

  • High flow rate ideal for homes with multiple bathrooms and fast filling baths

  • Come with a 25-year guarantee on the inner vessel, 2 years on parts (T&C's apply)

  • Supplied with accessories kit for the complete installation