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The Raimondi Levelling System (RLS) is a revolution in tile setting. In addition to ensuring the proper levelling of tiles by eliminating "lippage", this system helps to speed up the tile setting process. RLS is strongly recommended when installing flexible, large format, heavy or low-thickness tiles (3 to 6 mm). RLS is made up of three elements: clips (spacers), wedges and pliers.

Clips are available in various versions grouped in two large families: clips for tile thickness from 3 to 12mm, clips for tile thickness from 12 to 20mm. Particularly important are the innovative “3D” clips which are ideal for use with any installation layout and suitable to be positioned both in the tiles intersections (both “+” and “T” layout) and on the tiles sides.

The wedge works for all the clips in the RLS range and it is conveniently re-usable.

Special traction-adjustable pliers are available in two different versions: for floor or for wall coverings. The use of the pliers is recommended for facilitating and speeding up the insertion of the wedge in the clips and it also optimises the pressure on the tile. These pliers work with all clips models and with any tile thickness.

RLS is the easiest and quickest levelling system to remove. All that is required is a kick to the spacers to remove the unnecessary part from the installed floor. No tool of any kind is required.